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2. Goods sold are not refundable.
3. Prices stated are not inclusive of postage.

4. Reservation allowed up to 3 days.
5. We will not be responsible for damages caused during postage, however, we will make all necessary precaution in order to prevent any damages.
6. Restockable items if out of stock and buyers would like to order for the item, 50% deposit is needed for comfirmation.


Silicone Nipple Pads

Description : Skin colour pads for concealing purposes =).
Especially useful when wearing low V cut clothes and dresses, for occasions of work place.
This is sometimes handy than freebra as some clothings or dresses shows of the cleavage area, so wearing this will not show any straps including the clip at the middle.

Item : Silicone Nipple Pad
Price : RM9
Status :
natural colour *sold*
natural colour*sold*
natural colour*sold*
natural colour*sold*
natural colour*sold*
Stock : restockable

Restock list on request: *all sold*
1. natural colour
2. natural colour
3. natural colour
4. natural colour

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